VLOG: How To Get Out of Bed While Pregnant without Hurting Yourself

If you’re pregnant or postpartum, you’ve probably been there and thought “how do I get out of bed without hurting myself?” Well, look no further here is my VLOG to help guide you on how to get out of bed without looking like a beached whale, hurting your back or putting pressure on a diastasis:

If you’re not sure how to safely roll like a rotisserie chicken, Dr. Lauren helps mamas with low back pain in the morning everyday get back to moving. So head on over and schedule an appointment today so Dr. Lauren can help you start rocking and rolling again.

Top 6 Book Recommendations for Pregnancy and Postpartum

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When I was first pregnant with my daughter I was scrolling though a popular pregnancy book that basically made me feel like my body was a failure and we were both going have to come out of the birthing process with three legs. Luckily I put that book right back on the shelf and found a ton of other amazing books. Pregnancy can be an exciting time and sometimes a scary time, I find it best to read books that will help educate but not instill fear in everyone. Here’s my list and why:

Books for Preconception

  1. Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler - Since I’m wearing my sassy pants today, I will be straight-forward in saying I wish this was required reading for all menstruating women. This book explains how are bodies work along with what menstruation and ovulation are and help us better understand the WHY of menstruation and conception

  2. Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden - Once you understand your cycle thanks to Toni, Lara helps guide you to better understand the complexities of what may be going on. If you are struggling with bad cramps, endometriosis, “weird or irregular” cycles and even those monthly mood swings, this is a book for you!

Books for Pregnancy

  1. Real Food for Pregnancy by Lily Nichols or Real Food for Gestational Diabetes - If you’ve ever wondered if coffee or fish are safe or why Vitamin A is taboo (it shouldn’t be), then this is a must-read. Seriously, she debunks all of the BS information we are constantly told and uses research to highlight what pregnant mamas really need.

  2. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth - If you have ever considered an unmedicated birth, this is the book for you. Ina will help you build the confidence you need in yourself to not listen to social media (hello almost every birth ever shown on TV which depicts a horrific labor) and instead listen to your body.

Books for Postpartum

  1. The first forty days by Heng Ou - Besides the fact I love Traditional Chinese Medicine, this book is an amazing representation of what would should expect postpartum - support, love, nourishment and most of all, rest.

  2. The Fourth Trimester by Kimberly Ann Johnson - From processing your birth story to postpartum sex, this book covers it all and then some. Learn the importance of self-care, prioritizing your health and gathering strength to ask for help because nobody needs to go on this journey alone.

If you’re looking for a little more personalized TLC, set-up a free 15-Minute Healthy Mama Consult with Dr. Lauren to discuss your needs and create a game plan to a happy and healthier you.