VLOG: How to Sleep while Pregnant so You Don't Increase Back Pain

Oh my achy-breaky-preggy-back. Pregnancy is a great time but when we throw in a nice little change in gravity, sleep can be difficult. Here’s an ode to pillows, or a guide on how to get a better night’s rest while pregnant so you hopefully don’t wake up with hip, back or knee pain.

Quick Tip Reminders to a Better Sleep while Pregnant:

  1. Use a pillow under your head that keeps your head nice and level

  2. Put a pillow between your legs that goes from your crotch to your knees and even your ankles

  3. If you find yourself tilting forward or backwards at night, put another pillow in front of you or behind you

  4. Last but not least, as the baby grows and gets bigger you may want to place a towel or small pillow directly under your baby bump

  5. So now that you're well versed in the how to sleep better while pregnant, check out tomorrows blog on a magical pregnancy bath!  If want more help, head on over to the online scheduler to book a visit with Dr. Lauren for individualized care.