"Fun" in Functional Rehab

Putting the "Fun" in Functional

What is functional rehabilitation?

Functional rehabilitation is similar to physical therapy but there is greater emphasis on exercise strategies and a focus on the body function necessary for daily life. It focuses on PURPOSEFUL movement.

What could functional rehab do for me?

Functional rehabilitation is effective in restoring and improving strength, endurance, balance, agility, stability, power, coordination, speed, flexibility and body control. Functional rehab focuses on quality movements over quantity. Whether you aspire to be an elite athlete or just want to sit on your couch without pain, functional rehab can be beneficial as it is tailored to your goals.

What is Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)?

DNS helps develop conscious control of individual muscles and body awareness, including posture, respiration, affecting balance, coordination, and kinesthetic sense. These factors can be critical in treating the underlying causes of lower back pain.

Why do it?

Functional stabilization is required for safe purposeful movement and is essential to static loading of the spine. Functional stabilization helps all movements from sitting and standing to squatting and cleaning.

But...why is this fun?

Movement is life and life should be fun. The exercises are focused to you and your goals. So yeah, I lied...they may not always be fun. But they are effective at helping you reach your goals, which is better than fun anyways.

I'm interested...how do I learn more?

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