Postpartum Rehab


What is postpartum rehab? Your body went through a lot of changes in both pregnancy and delivery (both vaginal or cesarean delivery) that can effect your muscles, connective tissue and movement. Rehab focuses on decreasing negative side effects of childbirth and caring for children - pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, diastasis rectus abdomens, low back pain, neck pain and headaches, and sciatica.

What does the evaluation include?

Your exam includes a musculoskeletal exam where I assess your body's structure, muscles, and tissue as well a diastasis recti examination. I will also assess mobilization of abdominal scar tissue (for cesarean or any previous surgeries such as an appendectomy).

Is this treatment instead of seeing a pelvic floor specialist?

No. Depending on the findings from your evaluation, a referral to a pelvic floor specialist may be warranted.

What does postpartum rehab look like?

Once again, it depends on your evaluation but a "typical" rehab program includes breath work, smart and functional movements, as well as strength and conditioning. The program will be catered to your goals.

Speaking of goals...what is the goal of postpartum rehab?

My goal in teaching postpartum rehab is for women to understand and heal their bodies in a safe manner. It's not about aesthetics...if you follow the nutrition and fitness advice given, the body will change in a desired way but that is accomplished through movements that will help you safely navigate life as a mom.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Call Dr. Lauren at (331) 307-7110.