Goals...why set them? Whether you are coming in with low back pain and want to be able to sleep at night or you want to play volleyball or football without medial knee pain, goals matter. Without specific goals we may stray away from what is important.

Why are goals important?

In every form of treatment we do, we focus on your goals and how to accomplish them. We will constantly discuss how each treatment, movement, or exercise is serving your goals.

Performing an adjustment or exercise for the sake of "doing something" will not help you reach your goals. Each treatment component needs to be centered around your needs and wants.

What are my goals as the doctor?

My goals is for you to be informed on why we are doing each exercise/adjustment and how it will help you accomplish your goals. If you are interested in letting me help you reach your goals, please call (331) 307-7110 to schedule an appointment today.