Chiro for Kiddos

Chiro for Kiddos

Why would an itty-bitty baby need chiropractic?

Some babies don't need chiropractic, but others would benefit from depends on the babe and their environment and what they have been through. Sometimes the baby "hangs out" in the same position in utero which can lead to tightness on one side of the neck.

Why does a not-so-itty-bitty baby need chiropractic?

Toddlers and small children have plenty of opportunities for bumps, spills and falls as they explore their world...that's part of learning to explore and learn what is around them. Bumps and falls are an inevitable part of growing up. By keeping a child's spine in proper alignment, we can help ensure optimal balance, coordination, and nerve signaling.

Is it the same as an adult adjustment? And is it safe?

The idea behind the adjustment is the same - to get everything moving properly but the adjustment is different! While the location and amount of force applied varies, the overall pressure is the amount of pressure you would apply to a tomato to check if it is ripe. All research shows that chiropractic is safe for kids when done by someone with the proper training (yes, Dr. Lauren has taken extensive training specifically in pediatric chiropractic).

When do kids needs adjusted?

Some signs that suggest a kid may need adjusted include postural changes, only wanting to breast feed from one side, being off-balance, always tilting their head to one side, and running with a limp or on their tippy toes. Kids may also benefit from treatment during major milestones like rolling, crawling, standing, and walking or after trauma and falls.


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