5 Reasons your Diastasis Recti isn't Closing Like You Would Like (with Solutions!)

And more exercise isn't one of them!

Y'all know that an exercise and fitness routine that focuses on breathing is an important aspect of a diastasis recti becoming functional/healed. BUT what happens when we "do everything right" and there is still a gap? Well, there are other things we need to look at that may be playing a role in the tissue not healing properly and here they are:

     1. Hydration

Water is the primary way that oxygen and nutrients are delivered to tissues. That means consuming enough water can help oxygen reach the tissue, deliver nutrients and allow for proper draining. Not having enough water can actually delay healing!

Solution? For general well-being drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces. If you are healing slower than you think, you may need to increase that number! 

     2. Genetics

Did you know there are genes and genetic conditions that affect connective tissue? That's right, you may be at a predisposition for needing a little more TLC. Specifically, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome can create hyper-mobility in the body and change the absorption of your gut. The MTHFR gene can alter 

Solution? Testing! If there is any question as to whether or not you might have EDS or the MTHFR gene or other genetic conditions, the best thing you can do is test for them. That way you can up-regulate your bodies natural ability to heal through supplementation. 

     3.  Bowel / Gut Health / Nutrition

Let's take a step back and think about anatomy (sorry folks, I know it's not everyone's cup of tea), but what is directly behind that connective tissue we are so focused on? Yep, the bowels! Any non-optimal movement of the bowels (ie....bloating, distention, constipation) can lead to increased pressure on the front aspect, specifically the linea alba. If there is something going on in the gut that may be causing inflammation or distress, it can lead to an increase in DRA or stop the body from allowing it to properly close. Furthermore, if the tissue is not getting enough nutrients due to malabsorption, non-optimal absorption or lack of intake, it is important to correct that based on your specific needs!

Solution? My number #1 recommendation for all things gut and bowel health is to find a functional medicine doctor that is fantastic. Not everyone needs the same things...sure there are general guidelines like Vitamin C and omega fatty acids, but taking #2 into account, just because it works for Joe-Schmoe down the street does not mean it will benefit you. It's best to leave it to someone who has specific training in optimizing gut and bowel health.

     4. Stress

Did you know that there was a study that showed self-reported worry can lead to a predicted slower healing time? Did you also know that stress can alter our breathing and there for how much oxygen our tissues get? It's crazy to think, but the stress cycle can actually throw our healing cycle into a tizzy.

Solution?  Find your stressors and try to eliminate them. I know this is easier said than done, so you may need assistance! Having a counselor or therapist you can look to for guidance and support is an amazing thing. Seriously, everyone should have someone to talk to that isn't a friend or family member to help them navigate stressful times.

     5. Lack of Sleep

Guys, sleep deprivation can impair healing. I repeat, sleep is important. This one is H-A-R-D as new babies shouldn't sleep through the night because that isn't their biological norm! However, it truly is important to make sure the mom is cared for and able to get adequate sleep in order to heal optimally. 

Solution? Ask for help or hire help! I know, I know, who wants to ask for help or hand their kiddo over to someone else to care for them? Well, we all should. Find someone you love or trust and don't be afraid to ask for help so you can take a little. 


Have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to Dr. Lauren via email at drlauren@drlaurenkeller.com or phone 331-307-7110 as she would love to help you navigate your healing journey!